Effie Ann Woodson NaggasLast summer, David and I took a trip to Missouri to do some family history.  We had so many great experiences there.  They held a family reunion for us, and relatives came from all around.  We met some wonderful people.  Everybody brought pictures and spread them out on tables, and the reminiscing began.  I stood at a table and this picture (it was an original copy) stood out to me.  I picked it up and turned it over.  It had “Effie Woodson” inscribed on it.  I gasped.  “That is my grandma!”  I said in a hushed voice.  I was in awe.  This cute lady, who I grew to love, was standing behind me.  “Honey, it’s yours!” She said.  I could not believe my luck!

Let me fill you in on some background information.  My grandma had my mother when she was forty years old.  My mother, Dolores, was her only child.  I am the last of her four grandchildren, so by the time I remember my grandma she was probably 75 years old.  My mother had one picture of her when she was about ten, but in all of the other pictures she was older.  So this picture is a true treasure!  My mother had not even seen a picture of her at this age.  I will forever be grateful to Ruby who gave me this picture.  Ruby was one of my mother’s last living cousins.  She will get a post of her own soon.

Here is a picture of my grandma as I remember her.  I am the baby that she is holding.  I have so many great memories of her!  She died in January 1985.

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My great great grandparents

Mary Catherine Webb and Joseph Milton Carnes These are my great great grandparents – Joseph Milton Carnes and Mary Catherine Webb.   Joseph was born in Louisiana and fought in the Civil War.  Mary was born in Texas.    I would love to know more about them and find more pictures of them.  Joseph’s parents were William James Carnes and Jemima Howe Cole.  Mary’s parents were David Franklin Webb and Nancy McNeill.  I have  a newspaper clipping of an interview with Joseph’s mother, Jemima.  I will upload it someday.  It tells the sad story of how the Civil War affected their family.

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Monday Mystery Picture

Every Monday I will try to post a picture that is in my family, but we do not know who it is.  I took a picture of this when we were in Missouri this summer.  It was in an old album that had been owned by my great aunt Florence Woodson Dutton.  I am wondering if it is possibly a younger picture of my great great grandfather, John Keith Payton.  I know that he was a mason.  He lived in Shamrock, Callaway, Missouri from 1827 to 1900.  Maybe by doing this, I will find others who know who are in my mystery photos.  I hope so!

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One of my keys to the DAR

I found this while wandering around today.  George Stovall Smith is my 5th great grandfather.  George Stovall Smith served in the militia of Powhatan County, Va as a ensign in Captain Thomas Harris’s company.  Qualified on August 21, 1777.  George was also a Baptist minister and references to him can be found in Taylor’s “Lives of Va Baptist Ministers” first edition published in 1838.  This headstone is next to that of his wife, Frances Sandifer Stovall.

The cemetery is called the George Stovall Smith Cemetery, and there are only two graves here – that of George Stovall Smith and his wife.   Apparently there were several graves here at one time but they crumbled and ended being plowed under by farmers.  These headstones are not the original ones, but they words on them are the same.  The DAR put these headstones and the fence around them sometime in the mid 1900’s

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One of my favorites…

I received this picture from a relative that I met on the Internet.  This picture was taken in Texas.  The children are:  l to r  Grenade Don Gilliland, Ralph Gilliland, Webb Carnes, Burta Gilliland, Ora Lee Myers (my great aunt), Mary Gilliland, and Taylor Gilliland.  The Gilliland children are all the children of Atlanta Lee Carnes and John Eckford Gilliland.  Webb Carnes is the little brother of Atlanta Lee Carnes, and Ora Lee Myers is the daughter of my great grandmother, Lola Lillian Carnes.  I really love this picture.  It brings to mind a simpler, more stress free life.

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  This is my great great great grandfather, David Frank Ribelin.  For many years I hit a brick wall when looking for any information about him.  Then a couple of years ago, David took our daughter to a conference in Illinois.  We discovered that he would be very close to where the Ribelins lived.  He went cemetery hopping in Morgan County Illinois and found some great treasures.  This picture  of his headstone was taken in Bethel Cemetery in Murrayville, Illinois.

We see here that his first wife, Lydia (nee Crouse) died at the age of 34.   In 1875, David Ribelin married Indiana Noll.  Her picture is below.  Now the only thing I am missing is Lydia’s picture to make this complete.  I have made so many acquaintances on the Internet and we have shared information and pictures.  I am hoping that some day I can meet someone through here, or our family tree on that has a picture of Lydia Crouse Ribelin.

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This is where it all started……

I have loved genealogy ever since I was a young girl.  This picture was in an old photo album that my parents had.  I loved this picture!  It intrigued me.  I have always loved old things.  I learned how to do heirloom sewing so that  I could re-create things like her dress.  And look at her bottle!  Wouldn’t you love to have one like that in your possession?  I do not know this baby’s name, but she helped get me started in my quest for knowing my roots.  The album that her picture is in belonged to my great great grandmother Elizabeth Ellen Ribelin.  She married Cornelius Corwin Taylor, and they lived in Morgan County, Illinois.  There are lots of neat old pictures in there which I will share over time, but I really hope that someday I will learn the name of this little girl.

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