We are David & Cherie Hansen.  We live in Provo, Utah and have five wonderful children.  We love to do genealogy and would like to share some of our finds with you.  One of my favorite things is old pictures and stories.  Through this blog, we can share what we have found and hopefully connect with others who are searching the same lines.


4 Responses to About

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Cherie,

    I just clicked on your link to this website you have on Find A Grave. What a beautiful website you’ve created here. I love the name you gave it and the subtitle….BEAUTIFUL and so creative. It was fun to read what you wrote about searching for my headstone photo requests. I so appreciate your efforts! My husband and I have spent hours looking for headstones as well. In fact, we spent the whole day, yesterday wandering through 3 cemeteries! We enjoy it, but I think I’m going to try to call the sextons during work hours during the week so see if they can tell me if and where the headstones might be…if in that cemetery at all!!! We’ve run across at least 4 so far that were not even in the cemetery that the person requesting thought they were in!!! Also, I’m hoping over the phone we could find out the vicinity of the headstones. I also wonder if they might give us a print out of the names in the cemetery since we’ll be taking lots of pictures for Find a Grave over the years. What do you think? I love genealogy…it’s clear we have that in common. I’m happy we can share and help each other in our efforts to find and enjoy our family histories.


  2. Annie says:

    P.S. I wonder if we know each other? You look a little bit familiar. Did you go to Provo High or Timpview? I went to both…graduated from Timpview, Class of 1980.

  3. Duncan W. Alderson says:

    Hello, I am looking for survivors of Maude T. Gilliland, wife of Grenade Don Gilliland, and wondered if you have any info about them. I any trying to find out who holds the copyright to her books. Thanks for any help you can give me. Duncan W. Alderson, 717.682.8146, aldersonduncan@gmail.com

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