What a great week!!

This week I met new Internet friends.  I was on Ancestry.com working when I noticed a new message.  It was from a lady wondering if my John Naggas was the person who had married her great aunt.  She asked if he had ever lived in Montana.  I knew that he had spent a little time in Montana, so I told her that it was a possibility.   I asked her to go to this blog where I had pictures posted of him.

My grandpa had been married before he met my grandmother, but we did not know much about it, and thought that it had been for a short amount of time.  In fact, we had no pictures of my grandpa before he married my grandma.  He was about 32 when he married my grandma.

Well, in a few minutes I received a new message saying that it was the same person!  This lady had a wedding picture of my grandpa and her great aunt, Minnie Scott!   He was 22 when he married her.  From what I can tell, they were married for eight or nine years.  She sent me the pictures and also introduced me to the lady that she got the pictures from.  I am so lucky to have met these two ladies and am so grateful for their generosity in sharing these pictures with me.   Here they are:










Here are some snapshots that I also received:




















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