Jordan Buffalo Cemetery and Bowling Green Missouri

We came back a little earlier tonight.  I am sitting here in our room with the door open and enjoying the view.  This is what I am looking at.

It’s pretty calm and peaceful.

This morning when we set out, we went looking for the Jordan Buffalo Cemetery to take some more pictures for find-a-grave.  We had a little bit of a hard time finding it.  We knew we were close when we saw this monument.



   It was about a mile away from here.  This was the site of Buffalo Fort.  A fort built to protect the people from the Indians.  Eventually there was a massacre here.  I think that I heard that it was in 1812.  Remember Sarah Allison that I was looking for a few days ago?  Well there were a lot of Allison family members that lived at this fort.  We took pictures of several Allison graves while we were here.  We finally found the cemetery.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  There are rumors that it is haunted, but during the day, I didn’t see how that could be.













People in Missouri are really worried about flooding right now.  We drive by the Mississippi River everyday, and it gets higher and higher.  We drive through the town of Louisiana on our way to where we are staying.  Then we drive on a little two lane road that runs next to the Mississippi River.  Today when we were leaving Louisiana, this is what we saw.

Well, it’s time to organize what we have found and plan out tomorrow!

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