Searching for roots in Hannibal, Missouri.

Today we went to Palmyra, Missouri and Hannibal, Missouri.  My third great grandfather, Shadrach Woodson is said to have lived there.  We were hoping to find his grave, but did not have any luck.  We did find an obituary for him, a reference to his will, and his family living in Mason, which is very close to Hannibal, in 1844 in a census.  It is funny how some of your biggest clues come from actually talking to people.  We first went to Greenwood Cemetery in Palmyra and found the oldest section.  It was near the office, so we went over to the office to see if Shadrach was buried there.  The man was very helpful.  He looked and looked through his records, but since Shadrach died in 1853, he didn’t have a lot of hope.  He said that he was probably buried on a farm somewhere.  Next we went to the library in Palmyra to see if we could find more information.  As we were sitting there, a man came in and started talking to the librarian about the pictures that he was taking for find-a-grave.  David started talking to him and he and the librarian produced a letter from a lady that was also looking for Shadrach, and it mentioned where his farm was!   Now if we could just find land records!  We also know that this man will go take a picture of the grave if we can pinpoint where it is.  After that we went to the Hannibal Public Library to look in their genealogical section.  It is probably one of the worst and least helpful libraries that we had been to.  We could not take anything in the locked room with us except for a pen, paper and a laptop.  I was a little disappointed in Hannibal overall.  I imagined a quaint little town on the Mississippi river.  I think at one time it was.  But now it is kind of run down.  We did take a hike up a couple of hundred stairs to get to an overlook of the Mississippi river.  It was beautiful!

An addendum to yesterday’s blog post:  When we were at the very top of the cemetery, we met a couple up there from Minnesota.  We talked for a few minutes and then went on with what we were doing.  Today as we left the condo for our daily adventure, that couple was moving in next door to us!  How weird is that?  The cemetery is ten miles from here!

Here are some pictures from today.

This is the bridge that goes from Hannibal over to Illinois.

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One Response to Searching for roots in Hannibal, Missouri.

  1. June Wallace Atkinson says:

    I am trying to connect Shadrack in Palmyra to his ancestors in order to join the Jamestown Society under Dr. John Woodson. Thank you for the wonderful blog and pictures.

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