Google is a great tool in genealogical research.  Every once in a while I will just google a name and I am blown away by what I can find.  This past week I was doing some research on the Woodson line, and I googled the name of my great grandfather’s brother.  His name was James Sloan Woodson.  Here is part of what I found.  This is a picture of James Sloan Woodson and his wife Harriet Eveline Hendrix Woodson.  They were the parents of 13 children.  They are as follows:

Dau: Olivia “Ollie” Woodson (1871-) (m John D Judy, Auxvasse, MO)
Son: William A Woodson (1872-) (m Susan E Paden, Bachelor, MO)
Dau: Mary Viola Woodson (1873-) (m Harp Dudley, El Monte, CA)
Son: James Lewis Woodson (1875-) (m Eva Mumford, Shamrock, MO)
Son: David Rudy Woodson (1877-) (m Lena Gertrude Meador, Bachelor, MO)
Dau: Eunice Woodson (1878-) (m Ernest R Meador, Mexico, MO)
Dau: Cecelia “Celia” Woodson (1881-) (m ? Griffin, El Monte, CA)
Jesse S Woodson (1884-1929) (m Mary Etta Bishop, Shamrock, MO)
Son: John Woodson (1885-) (m Ethel Boswell, CA)
Dau: Nannie “Nina” Woodson (1887-) (m Leslie G Boswell, Moberly, MO)
Dau: Susan “Susie” Woodson (1891-) (m George Miller, Belverdear Garden, CA)

This is a picture of them and their first seven children.  I have tried to contact the submitters of these pictures, but their emails have bounced back.  I am also including a picture that I already had of James Sloan and his sister Ann Effie Jackson.  Try googling someone in your ancestry and see what you find!

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2 Responses to Google

  1. James Dudley says:

    My grandmother was Mary Viola Woodson who married Harp Dudley. They had James Silas Dudley, my father.

  2. Your father is my 2nd cousin 1 time removed. I just looked that up in a genealogy program. My great grandfather was the brother of James Sloane Woodson. His name was Reuben Canterbury Woodson. I was in Missouri a couple of months ago doing some research on the family.

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