The Carnes Family

These photos are of the family of Joseph Milton Carnes and Mary Catherine Webb.  They had eleven children, nine who survived to adulthood.   There are so many great stories about this family, I don’t know where to start.  This family was the epitomy of a Texas pioneer family – a part of the rough and tumble wide open frontier.  My great-grandmother, Lola Lillian Carnes, is the front left woman in the picture of the girls.  The other day as I was going through family notes that we have, I saw an article by a columnist in the Houston post.  He interviewed Webb McNeill Carnes about his grandfather, David Franklin Webb.  Webb Carnes is the young boy in the front in the picture of the boys.  He ended up passing away the same year that this interview was done.I have attached a picture of the article.  I hope it is readable.  It is a great story.  Along with that story I found a post-it note with more notes about my great-grandmother and Webb.  I am attaching that also.  I have more stories about this great family that I will share another day.


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6 Responses to The Carnes Family

  1. Webb Carnes says:

    I am a Carnes, Webb Carnes, III. History is a great thing. I like being part of it…a small part of it. 03/07/2013

  2. Jean says:

    Hi: Interesting to see what you have here. My g-g-grandfather was David Franklin Webb. My great-grandmother was Nancy Lee Webb. I love genealogy and it is nice to see others who share some of the same roots.

  3. Laura Carnes says:

    I am a Carnes in Villa Rica, GA. Do you know if your family has any roots here? Maybe Carroll or Douglas County, GA?

    • Richard Carnes says:

      Hi Laura – We’ve traced our Carnes ancestors back to Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Jersey, but not to Georgia.

  4. Richard Carnes says:

    Greetings from your cousin! My grandfather was Webb M. Carnes, and I was delighted to find here on your blog photos of him that I had never seen before, and a story about him that I had never heard. I have fond memories of “Bampaw,” as we called him — as his first grandchild, I gave him his nickname as an infant. (One small correction: he actually died in September 1976.) If you like I can put you in touch with my father, Cole Carnes, who I’m sure has memories and information that he could share with you.

    I’d never seen or heard of the photo of Joseph and Mary Webb Carnes in your post of Feb. 8, 2011. I would love to see the newspaper clipping of the interview with Jemima Cole Carnes that you mention, if you would care to upload it or send it to me. Very nice blog!

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