Find A Grave

If you haven’t seen the website of find a grave yet, you should hurry over and take a look!  This is a great website that covers cemeteries worldwide.  People can set up memorials and pictures for their ancestors in the cemetery that they were buried in.  There is a volunteer system involved where you can sign up to take pictures of the graves that are in your area.  When you set up a memorial for your ancestor, you can request someone in that area to take a picture of the grave stone.  So, I signed up a few months ago, but only signed up last week to take pictures for others.  I have already taken three up at East Lawn Cemetery in Provo, Utah.  The bad thing about East Lawn is that I can’t get hold of anyone to find a map of the cemetery.  I have spent about two hours this week wandering the cemetery, and only found three out of eight graves for people who would like pictures.  Today, I went back to look for more graves, and I did find one.  The really neat thing that happened today was, while I was at the cemetery, there was someone at a cemetery in California taking a picture of my great grandmother’s grave stone!  Here is the picture of what I received today, along with a picture of Lydia May Taylor to go along with it.   Lydia May Taylor was married to my great-grandfather, Orean Sale Trabue.  Later she married George R. Clark, thus the name on her grave stone.

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