My great-grandfather, Reuben Canterbury Woodson, lived most of his life on the farm in Shamrock, Missouri.  He is pictured in the previous post with his wife, Mahala.  After Mahala died in 1927, he moved to Huntington Beach, California.  He is shown in the 1930 census in Huntington Beach with his son, Harry.  Here is a picture of them in 1930 at their home.   Reuben died in 1935, and was buried in El Monte, California.  He was not able to be buried with his wife – though he already had his name on her headstone.  Harry died a few years later in 1939 and was buried next to his father.  Here are pictures of the two headstones for the same man. It is always good to clarify these things for future generations so it won’t be such a mystery to them. I was able to visit this cemetery in Missouri and was quite surprised to see Reuben’s name on the headstone. I had already found a picture of his “real” headstone on Once I thought it out logically it made sense, but very few people would realize what actually happened. I am sure that it would have been very expensive to ship his body back to Missouri to be buried with his wife. This was in the middle of the depression.

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