Effie Ann Woodson NaggasLast summer, David and I took a trip to Missouri to do some family history.  We had so many great experiences there.  They held a family reunion for us, and relatives came from all around.  We met some wonderful people.  Everybody brought pictures and spread them out on tables, and the reminiscing began.  I stood at a table and this picture (it was an original copy) stood out to me.  I picked it up and turned it over.  It had “Effie Woodson” inscribed on it.  I gasped.  “That is my grandma!”  I said in a hushed voice.  I was in awe.  This cute lady, who I grew to love, was standing behind me.  “Honey, it’s yours!” She said.  I could not believe my luck!

Let me fill you in on some background information.  My grandma had my mother when she was forty years old.  My mother, Dolores, was her only child.  I am the last of her four grandchildren, so by the time I remember my grandma she was probably 75 years old.  My mother had one picture of her when she was about ten, but in all of the other pictures she was older.  So this picture is a true treasure!  My mother had not even seen a picture of her at this age.  I will forever be grateful to Ruby who gave me this picture.  Ruby was one of my mother’s last living cousins.  She will get a post of her own soon.

Here is a picture of my grandma as I remember her.  I am the baby that she is holding.  I have so many great memories of her!  She died in January 1985.

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