My great great grandparents

Mary Catherine Webb and Joseph Milton Carnes These are my great great grandparents – Joseph Milton Carnes and Mary Catherine Webb.   Joseph was born in Louisiana and fought in the Civil War.  Mary was born in Texas.    I would love to know more about them and find more pictures of them.  Joseph’s parents were William James Carnes and Jemima Howe Cole.  Mary’s parents were David Franklin Webb and Nancy McNeill.  I have  a newspaper clipping of an interview with Joseph’s mother, Jemima.  I will upload it someday.  It tells the sad story of how the Civil War affected their family.

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2 Responses to My great great grandparents

  1. Colleen Galligan says:

    Cherie, my name is Colleen and we share great grandparents, Joseph and Mary Catherine (Mollie) Carnes. My grandfather was the oldest son, Alfred Burton (Burt, or as we called him.Pappy). My mother was Johnie, Burt’s youngest daughter. Of his eight children, Alfreda (Freda), is the only one still living.

    Although I was born in Texas, our family moved away when I was very young, though there have been numerous trips back to see the Carnes clan, While we were raised on the family stories, we missed out on so much by not being there.

    I may be mentioning things you already know, and you probably know so much more than I do, but I thought I would just let you know you have some relatives living in Florida.

    Uncle Leissner (Aunt Freda’s husband), said it all when he used to say…”Nothing looks better to a Carnes than another Carnes!” One of our cousins, Tom Carnes has done some extensive research on the family. Again, I may be telling you something you already know.

    There is talk brewing about a get together in October at the Peanut Feastival in Floresville. Two of my siblings are planning on attending to visit with the Carnes clan.

    If you would like to connect, just send me an email!

    Your cousin,


  2. Hello! I’m another cousin. My grandfather was Ralph Blackburn Gilliland, son of John Eckford Gilliland and Atlanta Lee Carnes, who was a daughter of Joseph Milton Carnes and Mary Catherine. My mom, Frances, goes to the peanut festival every year to see her Carnes cousins.

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