One of my favorites…

I received this picture from a relative that I met on the Internet.  This picture was taken in Texas.  The children are:  l to r  Grenade Don Gilliland, Ralph Gilliland, Webb Carnes, Burta Gilliland, Ora Lee Myers (my great aunt), Mary Gilliland, and Taylor Gilliland.  The Gilliland children are all the children of Atlanta Lee Carnes and John Eckford Gilliland.  Webb Carnes is the little brother of Atlanta Lee Carnes, and Ora Lee Myers is the daughter of my great grandmother, Lola Lillian Carnes.  I really love this picture.  It brings to mind a simpler, more stress free life.

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3 Responses to One of my favorites…

  1. Joe Drake Gilliland says:

    This is a most important picture of kin folk from a branch of my family I have had too little contact. There are names there that echo again and again would love to know the sender and know how to write to him or her.

  2. Laura Carnes says:

    The name atlanta struck me…I am from ga and have traced back to Joseph Carnes and comfort cash Carnes. They had16 children, and I’m not sure which, I’d have to check my notes, there is a reference of a son who moved to Texas. I’d love to know if we are related!

  3. The baby, second from the left, Ralph, is my grandfather!!

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