What a great week!!

This week I met new Internet friends.  I was on Ancestry.com working when I noticed a new message.  It was from a lady wondering if my John Naggas was the person who had married her great aunt.  She asked if he had ever lived in Montana.  I knew that he had spent a little time in Montana, so I told her that it was a possibility.   I asked her to go to this blog where I had pictures posted of him.

My grandpa had been married before he met my grandmother, but we did not know much about it, and thought that it had been for a short amount of time.  In fact, we had no pictures of my grandpa before he married my grandma.  He was about 32 when he married my grandma.

Well, in a few minutes I received a new message saying that it was the same person!  This lady had a wedding picture of my grandpa and her great aunt, Minnie Scott!   He was 22 when he married her.  From what I can tell, they were married for eight or nine years.  She sent me the pictures and also introduced me to the lady that she got the pictures from.  I am so lucky to have met these two ladies and am so grateful for their generosity in sharing these pictures with me.   Here they are:










Here are some snapshots that I also received:




















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High Point Cemetery

On our trip to Missouri this year Albert and Alice took us on another tour of Callaway County.  They are so patient and willing to do whatever we wanted.  Albert showed us where he grew up in Callaway County, Missouri,  and then we went to the High Point Church and cemetery where his grandparents are buried.  We love visiting Albert and Alice, they have such good stories to share and they are always so hospitable.  Here are some pictures of the church and cemetery.

View across the road from the church. It was a beautiful day!

Beautiful Church!

Albert standing next to his grandparent's headstone

William Dutton and Sophia Love Dutton

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Interesting Observation

When I was in Missouri I took a lot of photographs for find-a-grave.  Today, I received a picture from a find-a-grave contributor for me!  It was pictures of the headstones of my grandparents.  I had never seen their graves, so I really appreciated it.  I looked at my grandma’s headstone for a minute and couldn’t recall my grandma living until she was 97 years old.  Then I realized that her birth year was wrong.  Her headstone says that she was born in 1904, and in reality she was born in 1909.  Well, she had a pretty good sense of humor – she probably had a good laugh about it.





























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Bowling Green and Augusta Cemetery

We started out today at the Pike County Historical Society in Bowling Green, Missouri.  We didn’t have a lot of luck there, but the ladies in there were so helpful.  We went to Walmart where I saw something that I had never seen before.  Amish parking stalls!

Parking stall for horse and buggy

Waiting patiently for his owners to return

It was so fun to see the horse and buggies there.  We saw some young Amish families too.  There was a young couple with a little boy and girl that I would have loved to take a picture of, but I didn’t want to be rude.  I have a lot of respect for the Amish and their lifestyle.  Here is a couple of pictures of the horse and buggies.  After we left Bowling Green, we headed down to Audrain County to their historical society.  They had closed for the day, so we decided to go to Augusta Cemetery where my great grandparents are buried.  We had been there before, so we knew that many of the gravestones were in bad shape.  So, we stopped at a store and bought chalk to rub over the stones so that we could read them.  We got to the cemetery, and the noise from the cicadas was loud!  Cicadas, I understand, only get bad once every thirteen years.  Well, this was the year!  We spent over three hours in the hot muggy weather, chalking and photographing the gravestones there.  So many were so bad that you couldn’t even read them.  But when David put the chalk on them it was magical!  Here are the headstones of my great grandparents that we didn’t even know were there last year.

John K. Payton

Nancy wife of J. K. Payton

Each one was like we were opening a package to see who was in it.  We felt good about what we accomplished today.  We are now at a motel near the airport ready to fly home in the morning.


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Back to Louisiana

Louisiana Public Library


Today we went back to the Louisiana Public Library.  It rained all morning, so we spent  our time at the library.   We didn’t have much luck, but we have found bits and pieces.  When the weather cleared, we walked around town and went to lunch.  Here are some pictures from our day.

Bank of Louisiana

























The water is still high.













Small towns are great!

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Jordan Buffalo Cemetery and Bowling Green Missouri

We came back a little earlier tonight.  I am sitting here in our room with the door open and enjoying the view.  This is what I am looking at.

It’s pretty calm and peaceful.

This morning when we set out, we went looking for the Jordan Buffalo Cemetery to take some more pictures for find-a-grave.  We had a little bit of a hard time finding it.  We knew we were close when we saw this monument.



   It was about a mile away from here.  This was the site of Buffalo Fort.  A fort built to protect the people from the Indians.  Eventually there was a massacre here.  I think that I heard that it was in 1812.  Remember Sarah Allison that I was looking for a few days ago?  Well there were a lot of Allison family members that lived at this fort.  We took pictures of several Allison graves while we were here.  We finally found the cemetery.  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  There are rumors that it is haunted, but during the day, I didn’t see how that could be.













People in Missouri are really worried about flooding right now.  We drive by the Mississippi River everyday, and it gets higher and higher.  We drive through the town of Louisiana on our way to where we are staying.  Then we drive on a little two lane road that runs next to the Mississippi River.  Today when we were leaving Louisiana, this is what we saw.

Well, it’s time to organize what we have found and plan out tomorrow!

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A Day in Audrain and Callaway Counties

Today we went to visit my mother’s cousin and his wife, Albert and Alice.  We had met them last year when we came to Missouri and it was so fun to visit them again.  They cooked us a delicious lunch and we visited for the afternoon.  Then we went to the Auxvasse Cemetery and took some pictures.  Albert asked us if we would like to see where he grew up and we jumped at the chance!    It was beautiful up there.  We took some more pictures of headstones up at the church there in a place called High Point there was a pretty little church and a cemetery.  It was pretty close to Shamrock where my grandma, Effie Woodson grew up.  It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.

Albert at his grandparent's headstone












High Point church and cemetery














The view from High Point church


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